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Da un’idea di Fabio Gigli, da anni nel settore ciclismo e negli ultimi anni al servizio di Cannondale per l’assistenza delle Lefty per l’Italia nasce Cannondaleusata.it
La mission è rigenerare e proporre il parco usato Cannondale garantendo la bicicletta in vendita per 12 mesi.


Cannondale Scalpel SI #firstride

The New Scalpel-Si

Cannondale’s all-new Scalpel-Si has been designed not only as a flat-out cross-country race machine, but also one that’s not a handful on technical trails as so many purebred race bikes can be, including its predecessor. While it used to be all about grams and efficiency, it’s now all about grams and efficiency WITH the added caveat that the bike has to be way more than just passable on relatively rowdy terrain.

Cannondale says that the 100mm-travel Scalpel-Si excels when things get technical thanks to its progressive (for a cross-country race bike) geometry, which, coincidentally, might also make it a great short-travel weapon regardless of if you’re lining up in a start chute or not.
Scalpel-Si Details:

• Intended use: cross-country racing, riding
• Rear wheel travel: 100mm
• Wheel size: 29” (on most models)
• 27.5” wheels on men’s small, women’s
• Frame material: carbon fiber
• Aluminum entry-level model
• Ai offset rear-end
• Zero Pivot Flexstays
• Lefty forks on all models
• Dual-ring compatible
• Di2 compatible
• Frame weight: 2,118 grams (inc. shock, hardware, axle)
• Lifetime warranty


Cannondale Slate Force CX1 review

The last few years have seen the rise of a new sub-category of road bikes — so-called “gravel grinders” — that have been designed to better handle unpaved terrain. Cannondale’s latest entry into this market is called the Slate and it borrows heavily from MTB. Australian tech editor Matt Wikstrom spent a few weeks riding the Slate to report on how the bike performs.

by Matt Wikstrom



la Scalpel 2017 di Avancini

La bici di Avancini a Cairns AUS


Cannondale Lefty SuperMax Teardown

Word – Andrew Major
Words by Andrew Major. Photos by Andrew Major. Posted by cam@nsmb.com

Lefty Apart

There are three types of forks: regular, inverted, and Lefty. Oh sure, if you want to really simplify things it’s an inverted fork, and if you wanted to be technical/argumentative it isn’t a fork at all, but the Cannondale Lefty, their super stiff, one-sided, needle bearing, suspension strut is guaranteed, to this day, to garner more looks, questions, and opinions than any other suspension product you can bolt on your bike.


Cannondale Slate, first ride

So, my much-anticipated first few rides aboard Cannondale’s latest creation are under my belt, but what to make of a bike that has no clear identity? It’s the question I was asked most of all: what is it? Mostly followed by: is it a cyclo-cross bike? Or is that one of those ‘gravel bikes’? Cannondale’s answer to both would be, no. So what exactly is the Slate then?

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A lezione di Lefty – Foto gallery

A lezione di Lefty :)


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